Stay tuned for my next workshop! The most recent one was hosted in Cambridge:

Title: Introduction to Arabic Type Design

Dates: April 7–10

Location: Cambridge, UK

Theme: This will be an introduction to the Arabic script and to type design as well. No previous knowledge of type design or Arabic is required, but there will be online reading materials assigned ahead of the workshop. So, if you are a practicing type designer who would like to get into Arabic design, or if you are a graphic designer who is interested in exploring Arabic type design, you are all welcome! The daily schedule will run from 10am to 5pm with a one hour lunch break and will alternate between lectures, individual design time, and group feedback sessions.

Equipment: Sketching papers and pens will be provided. Please bring a Mac laptop as the workshop will be conducted on Glyphs which runs on Mac only.

Reading materials: In the spirit of how lectures are taught at Cambridge, student typically need to read and prepare ahead of every lecture and seminar. While this workshop is not affiliated with the university per se, it is still good to get into the spirit of academic excellence, and to prepare for the workshop as much as you reasonably can. I will provide a mix of readings and videos to watch that would hopefully help you make the most of the 4 days we have together. If your schedule doesn’t allow, don’t worry as there will be lots of time to catch up once you get there.

Requirements: A good knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and InDesign is a must. The workshop is not open to first or second year design undergraduate students.

Fees: £700 workshop fee. Full-time students get a 20% discount. Please send a photo of a current student ID with your email.

Fees are non-refundable and registration is only confirmed once payment is made.

Registration: Email me at with the word “Workshop” in the email title and your full name and contact details (address and phone number). I will then send you the invoice and registration materials

Capacity: The workshop is limited to 15 participants only. Registration is on a first come first served basis.

Travel: Cambridge is easily accessible from London with very frequent train services from King’s Cross station, with the fast train getting there in 46 minutes only. If you are flying into the UK, please make sure you sort out your visa requirements well in advance. Unfortunately, I am unable to assist in visa applications.

Accommodation: Cambridge is a wonderful place to visit and we will be right in the historical centre. There are lots of options available around town but make sure to book your room well in advance.


New: Scholarships

In order to make the workshop more accessible to people, I’m offering two scholarships that would reduce the registration fee to half each, and this will be based on need and merit. In case you’d like to apply, please email me your portfolio before Jan. 25, 2019. I will announce the results by Jan. 31, 2019.


See you there!