Sawad which is Arabic for ‘blackness’ is a typeface drawn by emotion, an exploration of grief and the darkness it brings. Designed by Nadine Chahine in the days that followed the passing of her father, it is a bold, dark design, which comes into its own in the ExtraBlack version where the counters completely disappear. Sawad supports the Arabic language and has proportional and tabular numerals.

You can get Sawad as part of the 2020: After the Fall collection. The Black weight will be made available for free download in the coming weeks.

You can text Sawad here. Just type into the box below:

قلت له إنت من وين قال لي من حدود السماء
قلت له جاي من وين قال لي من بيت الجيران
قلت له خايف من مين قال لي من القفص هربان
قلت له ريشاتك وين قلي فرفطها الزمان