Hello! I’ve been working professionally as a typeface designer since 2003 and my design practice tends to focus primarily on Arabic type design and the adaptation of Latin logos into Arabic. I sometimes consult on general typography matters within branding, signage and exhibit design with a special focus on the legibility of Arabic type and the harmonisation between Latin and Arabic.

Type is the voice of a brand, its constant companion, so let’s make sure we say the right words!

When it comes to the process of finding the right voice for each project, it all starts with a conversation focused on what we are trying to say and whom are we speaking to? If the brand were a person, what would it be wearing? If find that metaphors are always so good in bringing forth a common understanding of the topic at hand. A brand dressed in jeans speaks differently from one in a suit. The nuance of finding the right tone ensures that we are able to establish trust with the audience, because both overt and subliminal messages are saying the same thing.