Amareddine is a contemporary and architectural Arabic branding typeface. The family has 7 weights ranging from Thin to Black and offers a lot of flexibility for design work and in a variety of applications. Its design is a Naskh-Kufi hybrid and is suited for headlines, UI, advertising, and branding. The overall feeling is friendly and approachable, with a contemporary look and feel. The fonts support Arabic language and have proportional and tabular numerals.

You can get Amareddine on I Love Typography or contact me directly.

You can test Amareddine here. Just type into the box below:

يعرف قمر الدين بأنه ألواح مجففة مصنوعة من لب ثمار المشمش، ويتميز بملمسه الناعم، وقوامه المطاطي، ومذاقه الحلو، حيث تتعرض العديد من الفواكه الموسمية للمعالجة للحفاظ على جودتها مدة طويلة.