Kafa started as a protest against Donald Trump’s visit to the UK on July 12, 2018, against the politics of hate and xenophobia. Kafa in Arabic means enough, and this typeface says ENOUGH to divisive politics, ENOUGH to racism, and ENOUGH to the lies. Designed by Nadine Chahine, Kafa is mostly suited for display and attempts to capture the feelings of anger and protest. It has support for Arabic language and has proportional and tabular figures.

You can try KAFA here. Just type into the box below:

كفى كذباً! كفى كرهاً!

This font is free to use, but not to distribute or modify. If you want to share the design with your colleagues or friends, just share the link to this page so they can get their own licensed copy.

By downloading the font you are agreeing to the EULA. You can download the font for free here.