2020: After the Fall

The year 2020 is not one for foundry debuts. Who wants to talk of type, when the entire world has come to a standstill? When far right extremism has resurged, and autocracies are becoming more entrenched. Months of lockdown, rising poverty, and decimated livelihoods. Loneliness and isolation, frustrations and fear, all in one year.

Within such context, this debut collection is deeply personal. It features 3 display typefaces that are drawn in protest, anger, and grief. These feelings are captured in a virtual exhibit that explores these themes. Another display typeface is an ode to the streets of Beirut. The collection also features 3 branding typefaces that are positive in outlook, drawn with the hope for what comes after the Fall.

Lifta, designed by guest designer Omaima Dajani of East Jerusalem, is a typeface that protests the forceful erasure of Palestinian identity and the harsh indignities of life under occupation. KAFA is a protest against Trump’s policies of hate and xenophobia. Sawad is an exploration of grief and the all encompassing blackness that accompanies it.

Hamra str is an ode to the famed street of Beirut. Makdessi, named after another street in the same neighbourhood, is a branding and UI typeface that has a lively and positive outlook. Amareddine is also geared towards branding but is built on geometric structures. Janna 2 completes the set with an update of the popular branding typeface.

There are a total of 28 fonts in 2020: After the Fall. These are Makdessi (8 weights from Hairline to Black), Amareddine (7 weights from Thin to Black), Janna 2 (6 weights from Thin to Black), Sawad (2 weights), Hamra Str (2 weights), Lifta (2 weights), and Kafa (1 weight). The fonts support the Arabic language only and have tabular and proportional numerals.

The collection is available for direct download on I Love Typography. Alternatively, you can contact me directly to arrange a license.