Kafa Protest Typeface

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The story of Kafa:

Kafa started as a protest against Donald Trump’s visit to the UK on July 12, 2018. It is a cry against the politics of hate and xenophobia. Kafa in Arabic means enough, and here together we say ENOUGH to divisive politics, ENOUGH to racism, and ENOUGH to the lies.

Kafa was released on Nov. 6, 2018 to coincide with the US midterm elections. I cannot vote in US elections, so this typeface IS my vote. Why do I want to protest Trump and his politics? Much has been written about about the policies of hate and division that he has espoused from blatant racism, support for rightwing extremism and neo-Nazi ideology, and his admiration for authoritarian figures. But to me this is more personal.

In December 2017, Trump announced that the US embassy in Israel would be moved to Jerusalem and that the whole of Jerusalem would be recognised as the official Israeli capital. This goes against US foreign policy for decades and is in effect the death knell of the two state solution in which East Jerusalem is supposed to be the capital of a future Palestinian state. Of the 4 Palestinian demands for peace (the freezing of illegal settlement buildings in the West Bank, the right of return of refugees to their homeland, a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, and East Jerusalem as its capital), the fate of Jerusalem was the only remaining achievable goal. The West Bank continuously becomes less and less of a whole entity because of the continued illegal Israeli settlement building and Israel would never accept the return of the refugees. So when Trump takes away the last hope, there is nothing left to negotiate peace for. The US had never been a fair mediator in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but Trump has taken oil and doused it all over the region.

The other reason I protest is Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from the JCPOA (Iran agreement) that again rejects diplomacy and paves the path for more conflicts. Does the Iran agreement offer a resolution for the continued Iranian-Saudi rivalry? No. But at least it puts in place a mechanism so stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon. Barack Obama understood that nuclear weapons should not proliferate in the Middle East and that the agreement is not a solution to everything but it is a good start. This withdrawal has been condemned by the EU, UK, France, Germany, China, and Russia, and Trump’s policies propel the US towards a confrontation in the region on a scale that eclipses that of Afghanistan and Iraq. Should this path lead to war, and it already occurs on a smaller scale in Syria as can be seen in the Israel bombing of Iranian targets there, then the theatre of war will spread from Syria to Lebanon. And for the life of me, I cannot tolerate the thought of the return of war to my home country. No matter what one thinks of the politics of the region, of which side of the rivalry between Iran and Saudi one is, there is only one truth: diplomacy is the only way to avoid war. Those who burn down diplomatic channels have already shown their cards. And for that I protest.

About the font:

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