Course: Summer 2019

I will be giving an online class starting July 1, 2019 focused on logo adaptations into Arabic.

Who is the course intended for?

This course is intended for graphic designers who work in Arabic and Latin. Those with previous knowledge will be able to progress more, but the course is structured in a way that no advance knowledge of Arabic or type design is required. However, the participants need to have a strong background in design principles and DTP applications. The course will be taught in English.

Course structure:

Session 1 — July 1: Introduction to the Arabic script and calligraphic styles; 2 hours

Session 2 — July 8: Introduction to Arabic typographic styles: Kufi + Naskh; 2 hours

Session 3 — July 15: Review of Project 1 (logo adaptation of Sans Serif logos); 2 hours

Session 4 — July 22: Review of Project 2 (logo adaptation of Serif logos); 2 hours

Session 5 — July 30 (Tuesday): Review of Project 3 (logo adaptation of lettering based logos); 2 hours

Session 6 — August 5: Review of Project 4 (logo adaptation of Caps typography); 2 hours

Sessions always start at 5pm London time.

Course materials and projects:

The participants will be required to prepare for each session and typically that will be comprised of the provided course readings as well as watching recommended videos. There will be 4 main projects.


The course will have a maximum of 12 participants. This is to ensure that every student gets ample time for feedback.

How will it work?

The course will use the latest software in order to set up a virtual classroom and a resource centre for the course materials. Participants will need to join the weekly sessions via a video conferencing link that would be provided. A stable internet connection is required, as well as Adobe Illustrator.

Fees and registration:

The course fee is £600 (plus VAT if applicable) and is non-refundable. To register, please email